Project Management is key to delivering a successful outcome in any job and never more so than in your home or your office. Our approach is to set out a project plan with all clients at the outset to ensure that you are kept fully aware of progress during all stages of the project and that there are no surprises.

Stage 1 - Consultation

We will make an appointment with you to call to your home or premises and discuss your requirements. This involves exploring design ideas, room layout, different options on finishes etc. An initial measurement of the area will be taken at this stage. If you have an idea of a budget for the project at this stage it is helpful but not essential.

Stage 2 - Design Time

During this period we will work to produce a layout and design based on the information taken in the consultation at stage one. This design and layout along with an initial quotation will be discussed with you. The design process often involves looking at a number of different options to ensure you get the right option to suit your needs and your budget. Our customer service team will guide you through this.

Stage 3 - Green Light

Once the design  and budget are agreed we give the project the green light and agree a timeframe for installation that matches your requirements and/or fits in with any other building works that are underway. At this stage your project goes into manufacture.

Stage 4 Checkpoint

Prior to installation we will do a final call to your home or premises to confirm all measurements and ensure that there are no obstacles in advance of the installation.

Stage 5 - D –Day

Installation takes place at the agreed time as planned.

Stage 6 - Follow-Up

Our customer service representative will contact you to check all is in order following installation.